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Detail Streaming

Did you know that you can also share your event with your clients, participants and employees via Web streaming, incorporating sound and camera-imaging, as well as integrated PowerPoint?


Live streaming is actually very simple: Imagine live streaming to be akin to television, the only difference being that your spectators (employees or clients) only need a computer with Internet access, for instance, to use it. Using our live streaming technology, we can reliably broadcast any occasion at all live across the globe, providing the best image and sound quality, irrespective of the number of spectators you anticipate and the medium they wish to use to view content by means of Internet access. This is because we also transmit live images or also, in parallel, PowerPoint presentations, for instance, by means of our live streaming technology on any device desired – smart phone or Android, iPhone or Pad, PC or Mac – ensuring optimal quality and, if necessary, also broadcasting in multiple languages.


Thus, your broadcast may be either publicly accessible or limited to a defined audience and viewed by means of an access code or via registration. Your live broadcast can run via our Web page that we design for you upon request or can be integrated within your home page. And since, depending upon the number of spectators and the duration of the broadcast, there is an aggregation of enormous quantities of data, which no website could manage in the absence of specific server technology, we are also optimally equipped to handle this using our proprietary hardware and software. From perfect, broadcast-quality recording through complete streaming engineering to data traffic management, AV-Medien Service is your one-stop shop. So – live streaming really is very simple!

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