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Detail Dach

Are you looking for a way to lend your event a touch of extravagance? Maybe you’ve always imagined walking down a red carpet, or you enjoy welcoming your guests with its glamour? Then we have the very thing for you: our premiere canopy & stage roofs! In addition to the basic event technology for your event, you can now also book our Premiere Canopy Roof.


Construction type: pitched roof, together with the transparent canopy cover for protection from inclement weather and basic lighting for the red carpet running below it. This lighting is suitable for film and press purposes. As an option, we can equip the Premiere Canopy Roof with interior lighting. So-called LED spotlights are fitted inside the rectangular trusses and practically every colour index combination is possible. We can also supply the aforementioned glamorous red carpet for your key event as a 2 metre wide or 4 metre wide runner. Naturally the carpet is also available in other colours.

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